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Original post by: ali ,


Information about ROV shiping and features


hello . i hope im posting in the right place

I'm really interested in buying your product .. its really cool because its totally designed differently comparing to other ROVs .. but unfortunately your  website doesn't mentions more details about the product so i need to ask some questions

1. I live in dubai so can you ship it here?

2. How do you control the ROV? Remote Control?

3.We have some rules which might not allow us to buy if you are using transmitter and receiver, what would be the frequency of it?  75, 900mhz..etc not allowed in dubai so what frequency do you use and what is the range for it?

3. I found that it goes up to 100 meter .. i dont need it that much (only 20m under sea salt water) so, the increase in pressure under the water doesnt effect the structure so that it could damage it? or you have an inner system for that?

4. battery type and life?

5. is there any video to know the electric parts and how to assemble it after buying the product?

waiting for your reply .. thank you so much


OpenROV v2.8