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Original post by: OpenROV (Sofar) ,



The DB-25 connector has changed directions on the controller board. This is so it fits snuggly into the wiring harness that is now mounted flush with the endcap. The endcap design did change from 2.7 to 2.8 in many regards, but the biggest issue you will face is that an extra 1.5mm piece was added to each side. This means that the 2.7 electronics chassis will no longer fit between the two endcaps of a 2.8 in the tube. Also the DB-25 is mounted in the endcap which means you would need to switch out all of the acrylic components for the e-chassis as well in order for it to fit. I would be curious to see how you handle this in your build and would urge you to post about it on the [|Forum].

The 2.7 controller board and the 2.8 controller board have number of changes other than the orientation of the DB-25. Some of these are

* Ability to reset the power line going to I2C devices
* Prewired power PWM channel on auxiliary lines
* Prewired servo control channel on auxiliary lines
* Time delay in the power down of the BBB to help eliminate file corruption issues.
* Physically the board is also shorted to allow it to fit in the electronics tube with the endcap changes.

We will be releasing the 2.8 controller board with the straight connector on our store in the next few days so you can use it on a previous OpenROV version.

-Brian G.