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Original post by: Nenad ,


No Ethernet connection after leak to the electronics tube


I had a saltwater leak to the electronics tube. I was able to rinse it pretty soon with fresh water, and got it dry.

Now after connecting to the PC there is no ethernet connection (4 white LEDs blinking), wit the following status of the diagnostic LEDs on the main board:

- HPWR green light

- HP orange light

- ETH orange light

- PWR green light

- BRX blinking orange

All three chips next to DB-25 connector green light on.

Before the damage, when I started the OpenROV there were some white LED signals from the camera LED mount, and then some more right before it finished booting. Now these signals are missing and I get flashing white lights after some time.

Any idea what I can fix, or if not, what part I need to replace?


Leak to the electronics tube - damage