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Original post by: Robbi ,


Underwater linear tracking speed?



We are licensed ocean based conservation group operating out of Sydney NSW Australia.

I am a certified aerial drone operator and we have state and federal permits to track and observe whales in our waters for data and research.

What I am interested in is an underwater  drone to track and observe as well. Your unit may save me developing a unit.

The primary issue is whales in our region are usually tracking south or north on migration so we need to be moving at their speed. The average speed of tracking is 3-4 knots. So we usually stand off a bit and track sideways with them.

What is the speed of your unit? The tether may also induce drag as well? As a surfer I also notice your unit is not very hydrodynamic for what we would require. I imagine a covering shell and the unit pointing out sideways while we track...that would require the motors being re positioned as well.

Anyhow early days so any thoughts welcome...

I can be reached